How do I replace the blade on my mower?

Disconnect the spark plug wiring connecting the circuitry located at the side of the engine. Release the blade’s belt system after lowering the mower to the lowest cutting position available. Gently take out the pulley cover of the left side and proceed to push in the blade’s idler pulley – you can now roll off the blade’s drive belt.

Proceed to disassemble the deck’s mounting screws and disengage the hanging brackets. Now gently push the mower slightly forward to release the unit from the bracket. After this, you can pull out the deck from beneath the mower’s main frame. Ensure that you remove all mounting pins as well as the washers. Now turn the deck upside down to expose the cutting blades. It is recommended that you use a piece of wood or cloth to prevent the blades from rotating while replacing. Ensure that you are wearing gloves during this part of the process as the blades are sharp and can potentially hurt you. Unscrew the blade from the deck by twisting the mounting pin in the counterclockwise direction until the pin comes loose. Proceed to remove the blades.

Install the new blades into the blade shaft and fasten the mounting bolt over the blade, tightening with the help of a wrench until securely fastened