Grasshopper Mowers Guide


The Grasshopper Lawn Mowers Guide was designed with the intention to help people in the market for a lawn mower find all the information they need on a single site. Buying an outdoor power tool is a long-term investment into the health and upkeep of your backyard and we understand that ample research is crucial to the process. That’s why we’ve compiled sections that include valuable technical guides and specifications pertaining to each model. In our website, you’ll find information regarding operations, maintenance, parts and features, troubleshooting and there’s even an FAQ section where users can address one another’s queries.

Grasshopper have established a global reputation for their impeccable lawn mowers and the proprietary technology they integrate in their tools – famous examples of which are the PowerVac Collection system and their acclaimed Zero-Turn mowers with DuraMax Decks. The company’s mowers are also highly durable, able to better withstand the elements due to their precision robotic-welded structure.  All mowers come with a minimum three year limited warranty.

Choosing a suitable Grasshopper Lawn Mower

Based on your specific requirements, it’s important that you go over all the available models as their features will influence their functionality – making them more or less suitable for your needs. Grasshopper manufacture a line of widely acclaimed Zero-Turn mowers with several models ranging in size and power:

1.       MidMount Series –

The MidMount series are great for both commercial as well as residential properties and feature the cutting deck located directly underneath the chassis. between the unit’s front and rear wheels. With a more user-friendly steering design and long-range mowing comfort, these mowers are perfect for almost all types of yards and feature the highest straight-line speeds. Eg models: MidMount 100V Series, MidMount 200V Series, MidMount 300 Series

2.       FrontMount Series –

Built tough specifically for handling rougher terrain with more undulating surfaces and obstacles, Grasshopper’s FrontMount series are perfect for large sprawling estates littered with ungainly shrubs and other obstructions. Featuring the company’s QuikConverter Implement System, the mower is perfect for year-round use with it’s capability to support numerous attachments enabling versatility like few other lawn mowers in the market. Eg models: FrontMount 600 Series, FrontMount 700 Series, FrontMount 900 Series

Common Issues

Outdoor power equipment are more susceptible to encountering occasional problems due to their constant proximity to environmental conditions. It’s almost inevitable that dust, snow, grass clippings and other such particles will eventually cause your mower to run into minor problems – however, most of these issues are simple fixes that can be resolved in your own garage.

Difficulty cranking the engine:

The mower’s battery might have died – inspect the battery and check the terminals for corrosion. If the battery is in working condition, inspect the starter fuse for damage. Also check whether the PTO switch is in the ON position. Ensure that the steering levers are in the neutral position before attempting to crank the engine.

Engine cranking but not starting:

There may be no fuel in the tank – check your fuel tank and replace stale fuel with fresh gasoline. Any restrictions to the fuel line can also impair the engine’s starting. Inspect the fuel filter as well, a clogged filter is a common source for engine starting problems. Also check the spark plug circuitry for any loose wires.

Mower loses power while riding:

Ensure that you’re regularly cleaning the deck as grass clippings can accumulate and increase the load on the engine, causing a loss in drivetrain power. If this isn’t the issue, the drive belt may need to be tightened or replaced – inspect the crankshaft. Setting a low cutting height on tall or wet grass can also impair engine power.


With over 70 years experience in the industry since their inception in 1969, Grasshopper have expanded from humble beginnings to a 28,000 square metre production facility where the company undertake large orders for all sorts of projects that include government, residential as well as commercial. The famous dual-swing steering lever design seen in a number of mowers today was pioneered by them and their diesel engines are well-known for their high efficiency. If there’s something more about the company or their mowers that you’d like to know, feel free to contact us and/or leave a post at our FAQ section and one of our forum members will address your query.