Smoke coming from Grasshopper mower’s chassis

Hi Guys,

I’ve had my Grasshopper 225V for several months now and make sure that I maintain it regularly. Yesterday, it began to emit smoke from the chassis a few minutes after turning it on. Do I need to take it to a service center?


Hi Marcus,

Is it white smoke or black smoke? If it’s white smoke, there’s no cause for concern – what you’re seeing is probably the combustion of oil that was spilled over the chassis. If the smoke doesn’t go away, there could be an oil leak within the fuselage, in which case you’re best visiting the service center. In case of black smoke, there could be a problem with your engine’s combustion chamber and it’s best you visit a service center.

Unable to cut evenly with Grasshopper 126V

Hello Folks,

I purchased my Grasshopper MidMount series 126V last September and it cut really well – however, I began to notice that the cutting has been getting increasingly uneven for the past several days and I need to overlap to narrower lengths to get a proper cut. What could the problem be?


Hi Menon,

Considering the fact that your mower’s unevenness has been getting worse over the past few days, it’s possible that one of the tires may have punctured and could be losing air. I would recommend Inspecting all tires and ensuring that the pressure is equal.

Grasshopper mower not travelling with engine on

Hi there,

My Grasshopper 124V mower was running without a hitch until a few days back when it suddenly stopped mowing. I have no problem turning the engine on or off but the unit will not move. Is this a major concern?


Hey Tomas,

Since you mention that you’re able to turn on the engine without any issue, I suspect that your drive belt may have slipped off – or it may have snapped. Check the belt pulley and replace the belt if necessary, make sure that you fasten the belt tightly or the belt may wear out quickly.

Engine on Grasshopper 200 Series losing power while mowing

Hello Guys,

I’ve been the owner of a Grasshopper MidMount 200 series for several years now and have been satisfied with the machine. But the engine began losing power while mowing and sometimes shuts off – what could be causing this?


Hi Ramos,

An engine losing power after switching on is often caused by a clogged air filter and I would suggest you inspect the filter element as soon as possible. If you’re unable to clean it, it is probably time to replace the element. Also check the fuel cap for clogging of the air vent as this could also cause the engine to struggle.

Rattling vibrations coming from Grasshopper 125V

My Grasshopper 125V had been running without a hitch for 6 months now but yesterday it suddenly developed a lot of vibration during a mowing session. Can I fix this without having to viist a service center?


Hey Tuchel,

The first thing I would ask you to check is your blades – vibrations to the chassis are generally caused by dented or damaged blades. If you recently sharpened your blade, did you remember to balance both tips? Failing to do this can result in an unbalanced blade, which also causes excess vibrations. Replace the blade if it has bent.

Grasshopper mower PTO switch doesn’t activate deck

Hey Everybody,

I purchased my Grasshopper 329B around the end of October, and made sure I regularly serviced the engine as recommended in the manual. However, the PTO switch has become redundant since yesterday, and I’m unable to activate the blades – is this a serious issue?


Hello Gabriel,

Since you’ve mentioned that you regularly maintain your mower, I won’t ask you to inspect for basic component damage – I suggest you check the clutch and try to adjust it. Clutch replacement may be necessary based on your mowing conditions and doesn’t fall under regular maintenance requirements. This is most often the issue when there’s something hindering the PTO system.

Grasshopper 124V ignition key switch not responding

Hello Folks,

I’ve had my Grasshopper 124V for several years now and apart from the occasional hiccup, I’ve been quite happy with the mower. A couple of days ago, the ignition key switch stopped responding – does anyone know any quick fix to this?


Hey Richard,

I’ve faced this issue with my 126V MidMount series – on further inspection, it turns out that the problem was the fuel solenoid. A couple of ground wires had broken and this probably shorted the fuse, it worked fine once I installed the new solenoid. I think this could be your problem.

Difficulty starting the engine on the Grasshopper MidMount 225V

Hi Guys,

My Grashopper MidMount 200 series has just turned a year old and I’ve never had any major issues with it – until the engine became difficult to start last week. Now it’s impossible to get it to start. Can someone help me find a resolution?


Hello Jim,

You mentioned that you mower has just become one year old, so I would suggest inspecting the spark plug and replacing it. Faulty spark plugs are generally the most common reason for engine problems and ideally must be replaced every year. I would recommend checking your engine manual to become familiar with the maintenance schedule.