How do I install a new PTO clutch on my mower?

Locate the mower’s main drive shaft and carefully remove all the mounting pins along with washers – use an air ratchet if you’re having difficulty getting the pins out. Take out the clutch’s cover shield carefully. Ensure that you have cleaned the area around the shield before removing it. Once you have removed the cap bolt and washer, slide the PTO clutch off the shaft carefully – use a suitable lubricant to slide the clutch out if you’re having difficulty.
Once you have removed the old clutch, slide in the new unit into the stub shaft and reattach the electrical wiring. Tighten the springs to gently increase tension on the idler pulley after you have replaced the drive belt – fasten the five hexagonal socket bolts tightly until they are securely fastened. Now proceed to re-install the clutch bracket and then attach the clutch’s shield cover back in place.