How do I change the ignition coil on my mower?

Locate the spark plug circuitry at the side of the engine and proceed to disconnect the wiring – after this, turn the flywheel physically so that the magnet no longer points towards the ignition coil. Gently unscrew the mounting screws on the ignition coil before you lift the coil itself. Remove the kill-switch wire before taking out the ignition coil.
Proceed to transfer the same spark plug boot over to the new unit from the old piece. Now connect the kill-switch wiring to the new coil and reposition the flywheel after you install all the mounting screws.

Align the magnet with the coil and insert the feeler gauge – it is advised that you reset the air gap once again before tightening the mounting screws. Re-fasten the spark plug’s wiring through the engine bracket and reconnect the wiring once more. Refasten the housing before setting the battery cables back in contact with the respective terminals.