220 Kohler 20 hp Mower

220 Kohler 20 hp Mower

Blade Spindle Assembly M152

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
1623763Left & Right Spindle Assembly (includes items 3-17 & 20)
2623780Center Blade M1 Spindle Assembly (includes items 3-9, 11-18, & 20)
3243331Hex Bolt
4257041Cupped Washer
6110082Single Seal Ball Bearing
76044215.0 Spindle Housing Assembly
8280745Grease Fitting 1/4-28 x 1.125
9903643Deep Spindle Bearing Spacer
106047755.75 Spindle Shaft Assembly
11421200Fiber Washer
13257432Lock Washer
14243581Hex Bolt
15247141Round Head Ribbed Neck Bolt
17423680Deflector Cone
18604773M1 Spindle Shaft Assembly
19281582Square Key
20253035Whiz Nut


IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
1183806Briggs & Stratton / Kohler Ignition Switch with Key
101101Ignition Key with Cover
422078Plastic Panel
2182326Brake Light Indicator
3184179Rocker Switch
4183925Push/Pull Switch
14141551Snap-In Hour Meter
15161141Console Decal

Deck Assembly M152

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
1644159M152 / 07 Deck Weldment
3243331Hex Bolt
5281582Square Key
6422520Nylon Bearing
7253067Flange Spiral Lock Nut
8484230Anti-Scalp Wheel Center Hub
9942137Bearing Tube
10247310Carriage Bolt
11644512Roller Lock Pin
13243365Hex Bolt
14902284Roller Mount Spacer
15253043Whiz Nut
16253192Hex Flange Whiz Bolt
17253035Whiz Nut
18424205M1 52" Deck Flap
19774280M1 52-9861 RT Deflector Strap
20253177Truss Whiz Bolt
21253025Whiz Nut
23824488M1 52/61 Idler Arm Assembly
24121650Pedestal Bearing
25257041Cupped Washer
27883804Retainer Washer
29243575Hex Bolt
30603725Center 2-Piece Roller Assembly
31253058Whiz Nut
32243458GR 8 Hex Bolt
33820331M1 5 Links Chain
34722333right 52/220 Belt Shield
35722334left 52/220 Belt Shield
36253175Hex Whiz Bolt
37604675Radius Arm Assembly
38265665Rod End
40253203Whiz Flange Bolt
41644086M1 Deck Belt Guide
43730391Idler Adjustment J Bolt
44283848Extension Spring
45254448Speed Nut
46643632Vac Housing Pivot Mount
47247130Carriage Bolt
4832023918" High Lift Notch Blade
32023618" Medium Lift Blade
32023818" Contour Blade
32024118" Extreme High Lift Blade
49644583right Anti-Scalp Roller Mount
50643695left Anti-Scalp Roller Mount
51254431Speed Nut
522528213-Prong Head Deck Stud
53121756Oilite Bearing
54604317Flex Discharge Shield Assembly
55422042Flex Discharge Shield
56644570Discharge Shield Mount
57284406Torsion Spring
58780650Flex Discharge Shield Pin
59260608Cotter Ring

Deck Carrier Assembly M152

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
1644136M-148 / M-152 Carrier without Footrest
162187M1 Cutting Height Decal
2121766Oilite Bearing
3261405Clevis Pin
5260612Cotter Ring
6253035Whiz Nut
7423696M1 Height Adjustment Spacer
8644778M1 Height Adjustment Tube
9644305Latch Tube Guide
10775104Deck Latch
11243330Hex Bolt
12253890Lock Nut
13821516Nylon Washer
14243560Hex Bolt
15253470Nylon Nut Insert
16730434Height Adjustment Deck Pin
17424052Rubber Bumper
18253043Whiz Nut
19243565Hex Bolt
253067Flange Spiral Lock Nut
20253215Flange Bolt
21423643M1 Bearing Block
22774064Lift Bearing Plate
23644524M1 Deck Lift Lever
24644707M1 right Rear Deck Rocker
25644708M1 left Rear Deck Rocker
26263529External Retainer
27882035Spring Rod Shaft Mount
28780661Spring Shaft
29283392Compression Spring
32820331M1 5 Links Chain
33243458GR 8 Hex Bolt
34253058Whiz Nut
36123522Bearing Cup
37122522Taper Bearing
3825709114 gauge Bushing Washer
39253992Lock Nut
40481434Domed Dust Cap
43604365Fork & Lock Nut Assembly
44247725Carriage Bolt
45253970Lock Nut
46902422Axle Spacer
4760397513 x 6.5 x 6 Rear Wheel Assembly with Bearings
48235513 x 6.5 x 6 Ribbed Tire
4833066 x 4.5 Tan Wheel without Bearings
48902429Rear Axle Center Spacer
49120048DP Wheel Ball Bearing
50732586M1 Deck Adjusting Strap
51243205Hex Bolt
52774155M1 Footrest Extension
53247130Carriage Bolt

Drive Assembly

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
1644634200 Pump Plate with Fans
4824485M1 Pumps Idler Arm
5121650Pedestal Bearing
6243365Hex Bolt
8253043Whiz Nut
9257412Lock Washer
10253890Lock Nut
13243601Full Thread Hex Bolt
14257432Lock Washer
16422558Nylon Bearing
17253930Lock Nut
18243580Hex Bolt
19822686Clear Tubing
20270821Hex Bolt
21257019Flat Washer
23388740Electric Clutch
24281582Square Key
25755125M1 Anti Rotation Bracket
26422088Clutch Bracket Cover
27604776Spring Assembly
28730391Idler Adjustment J Bolt
30243340Hex Bolt
31283820Extension Spring with Swivel
32243470Hex Bolt
33824486Mule Drive Idler Arm
35243355Hex Bolt
36281301Rubber Draw Latch
37393390Idler Pulley
38121756Oilite Bearing
39883804Retainer Washer
41732520M1 Idler Spring Bracket
42243445Hex Bolt
43257422Lock Washer
44604755M1 225 Rear Shield Assembly
45422090Rear Belt Shield Isolator
46243330Hex Bolt
47424015Rubber Bumper
1644634200 Pump Plate with Fans
2391456left Hydro Pump - no fan
3391457right Hydro Pump - no fan
4604525M1 200 Steering Linkage
5265615Righthand Thread Ball Joint
7265616Lefthand Thread Ball Joint
9281560Square Key
1075409410A Pump Control Arm
11265680Ball Stud
12253035Whiz Nut
14603726Eccentric Roller Assembly
15257410Star External Washer
17253182Hex Whiz Bolt
18253025Whiz Nut
19754072321 10A Neutral Return Mount
20754073321 10A left Neutral Return Mount
21729136right Neutral Return Front Arm
22729137Front left Neutral Return Arm
23729138Front right Neutral Return Arm
24729139left Neutral Return Arm
25283823Extension Spring
26822304Neutral Return Pivot Bearing
28243335Hex Bolt
29253890Lock Nut
30253043Whiz Nut
31253192Hex Flange Whiz Bolt
32754103225 right Pump Plate Shield
33754104225 left Pump Plate Shield
35253038Whiz Nut
36243035Hex Bolt

Reservoir And Hose Assembly

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
1603603Wheel Motor with Hub
2257432Lock Washer
3604160Pin Head Bolt Assembly
4754051right Tank Rail
5754052left Tank Rail
6253192Hex Flange Whiz Bolt
7253035Whiz Nut
8603587M1 200 Oil Reservoir Assembly
101875Fuel Tube Bushing (Grommet)
363637Straight Fitting
36363890 degree Fitting
9723159Oil / Fuel Tank Anchor
10100728M1 Oil Reservoir Dipstick
11363826Straight Barbed Fitting
12360069Adapter O Ring
126529O Ring
126537O Ring
13644634200 Pump Plate with Fans
14391456left Hydro Pump without Fan
15391457right Hydro Pump without Fan
16253043Whiz Nut
17360046Adapter Fitting
126527O Ring
126535O Ring
18363864O Ring Boss Fitting
22424350Hose Assembly
23424351Hose Assembly
24821782Hydraulic Hose
25366551In-Line Strainer
26821778Hydraulic Hose
27280264Spring Hose Clamp
28424318Hose Assembly
29821789Hydraulic Hose
30821724Clear Vent Hose
31101024M1 Series Filter Base
32253173Hex Whiz Bolt
33100855High-Efficiency Transaxle Oil Filter
34243335Hex Bolt
35253203Flange Whiz Bolt
36732882Pump Plate Rein Strap

Seat And ROPS Assembly

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
1321517Vinyl Seat Cushion
2321511Back Cushion
3321501Seat Armrest
4724310right Seat Side Member
5724311left Seat Side Member
6822630Seat Edge Trim
7643903200 Dual Latch Seat Platform
8253193Hex Flange Whiz Bolt
9722388Seat Reinforcement Back Panel
10253191Hex Flange Whiz Bolt
11183871Twist-in Seat Switch
12424095Seat Isolator
13644618Seat Hinge Pin
14253192Hex Flange Whiz Bolt
15253035Whiz Nut
16754240Seat Latch
17754226Dual Latch Mount Bracket
18730230Seat Latch Pivot Pin
19284408Torsion Spring
20260606Cotter Ring
21424177200 Series Seat Flap
22253176Hex Whiz Truss Bolt
23253025Whiz Nut
24253025Non-retractable Seat Belt
25243551Hex Bolt
28253470Nylon Insert Nut
29324104M1 ROPS (Roll-Over Protection Structure)
30643862right ROPS Mount
31643863left ROPS Mount
32243600Hex Bolt
33253930Lock Nut
34243570Hex Bolt
35243565Hex Bolt
36253067Flange Spiral Lock Nut
37283516Compression Spring
38422127Seat Spring Cap
39253203Flange Whiz Bolt
40253043Whiz Nut

Steering Assembly

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
1604778Wide STD Steering Lever Assembly
2643926Adjustable Steering Lever Mount
3253195Hex Flange Whiz Bolt
4253450Nylon Insert Nut
5422179Handle Grip
6422095.75 ID Vinyl Cap
7604771right Steering Pivot with Stop & Bearings
8604772left Steering Pivot with Stop & Bearings
9422559Sleeve Bearing with Flange
10422557Sleeve Bearing
11257019Flat Washer
13422556Sleeve Bearing with Flange
14283324Compression Spring
15253470Nylon Insert Nut
16243197Hex Bolt
17254438Adjustable Lever Nut
18253035Whiz Nut

Tractor Assembly

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
1644280200 M1 Front Port Frame
2257037Step Bushing
3644279200 03 Upper Frame
5243220Hex Bolt
6253450Nylon Insert Nut
7721232M1 Console Panel
8754051right Tank Rail
9754052left Tank Rail
10253192Hex Flange Whiz Bolt
11253035Whiz Nut
12722194Gas Tank Anchor
13253025Whiz Nut
14604800M1 Gas Tank Assembly
15253176Truss Whiz Bolt
16283516Compression Spring
17253203Flange Whiz Bolt
18253043Whiz Nut
19422127Seat Spring Cap
20644090220/225/227 Battery Box
21422150Handle Grip
22783277Belt Guard Strap
23822632Fender Edge Trim
24100210Fuel Tank Cap
25101814Fuel Tube
261411408.5 gal. In-Tank Fuel Gauge
2748396023 x 10.5 x 12 Wheel & Tire
48244512 x 8.5 x 5.75 Wheel Only
48348523 x 10.5 x 12 Turf Tire
2810016220 HP Kohler Engine
29100802Kohler Oil Filter
30100928Kohler Air Filter
10092920 hp Kohler Air Filter Precleaner
31101217Kohler Muffler
101041Kohler Exhaust Gasket
32729312225 Lower Muffler Bracket
33722309Inner Panel Shield
34722391Muffler Shield
35643117Shield Mount Bracket
36253173Hex Whiz Bolt
37604785Battery Hold Down Strap
38248565Lug Bolt
39603856Throttle Assembly
323640Control Cable Assembly
40644273M1 left Snap Mount Fender
163257220 left Trim Decal
41254431Speed Nut
42142214Mechanical Choke
43250168Machine Screw
253020Whiz Nut
44422040Tool Box
45644272200 right Snap Mount Fender
163256220 right Trim Decal
46422079Work Lamp Hole Plug
47101001Kohler Fuel Filter
48821736Fuel Hose
49280260Hose Spring Clamp
51644256M1 On-Frame Foot Rest
52420902Foot Rest Tread
53424095Seat Isolator
54644618Seat Hinge Pin
57143610Oil Drain Valve
58363854Nylon Fitting
59821752Oil Drain Tube
60722495M1 Tank Shield
61604217Decal Set for 220 Mower with ROPS

Wheel Motor And Brake Assembly

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
1603603Wheel Motor with Hub
2257432Lock Washer
3604160Pin Head Bolt Assembly
4644077Bolt-In Brake Tube
5253192Hex Flange Whiz Bolt
6253035Whiz Nut
7604440Bolt-On Rotor Wheel Hub
7751928.0 Brake Rotor
259592Socket Head Screw
8644121M1/G2 Caliper Mount
9247130Carriage Bolt
10481103counterclockwise Caliper Brake Assembly
603150Brake Pad Kit
11481102clockwise Caliper Brake Assembly
603150Brake Pad Kit
12776056M1 Brake Caliper Arm
13243195Whiz Bolt
15880926.312 Brake Linkage Pin
16730158M1 Brake Linkage Rod
177761747.75 Rotor Brake Mount
18644172200/300B Brake Tube
21243330Hex Bolt
22253043Whiz Nut
23644447Brake W/A Lever
24265537Clevis Yoke
26780157Linkage Rod
27261284Clevis Pin
28422150Handle Grip
29183894Brake Interlock Switch
30250258Machine Screw
31253020Whiz Nut
32281860Woodruff Key
33248565Lug Bolt
35260608Cotter Ring
36260606Cotter Ring
39774145M1 Reinforcement Pin
40774140Hex Bolt

Wiring Lights

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
1183806Briggs & Stratton / Kohler Ignition Switch with Key
101101Ignition Key with Cover
422078Plastic Panel
2182326Brake Light Indicator
3184179Rocker Switch
4183925Push/Pull Switch
5183860Lever Switch
720160right Steering Switch Mount
6183860Lever Switch
720161left Steering Switch Mount
7183871Seat Switch
8182253Flood Worklamp
9182005Bulb for Worklamp
10182251Snap Mount Bezel for Worklamp
1118427112 volt DC Relay with Mount
1845706mm Type 1 Push-On
184581.250 Faston Terminal
1849265-Way Female Connector
12181722Fuse Block
162320Fuse ID Decal
1844581 Wire Fuse Clip
1844602 Wire Fuse Clip
184472Double Wire Fuse Clip
13181470Auto ATC 30 amp Fuse
181460Auto ATC 7.50 amp Fuse
181462Auto ATC 10 amp Fuse
14141551Snap-In Hour Meter
15183894Brake Interlock Switch
1618012512 volt Wet Battery
644090220 / 225 / 227 Battery Box
17604785Battery Hold-Down Strap
18181735Inline Auto Fuse Holder
181470Auto ATC 30 amp Fuse
1918029030" Black Battery Cable
2018033030" Red Battery Cable
425219Starter Terminal Boot
25605900225/220 2003 Wiring Assembly
161141Console Decal